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Company Description

Tempeh Girl is a small artisanal tempeh company based in Hillsborough, NC.  Tempeh is a fermented soy food from Indonesia.  Fermentation transforms soy beans into a solid cake with a mushroomy aroma and mild, nutty flavor.  Tempeh Girl tempeh is a traditional Indonesian Style tempeh crafted from locally sourced organic soy beans grown in Rocky Mount, NC.   

Tempeh Girl provides tempeh to triangle area restaurants on a biweekly basis. Tempeh Girl also sells retail tempeh in triangle area stores in both plain and ready to cook varieties.

Owner Biography

Beth May started Tempeh Girl in 2011.  Beth learned solid state fermentation techniques while pursuing her Master's degree in Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis.  She became interested in local food and it helped fuel the decision to move to the triangle area in 2006.  Once here, Beth discovered tempeh and was drawn to its familiar process.  She found tempeh to be a way she could contribute to the local food base.  Tempeh from local, organic soy has always been a driving force behind Tempeh Girl.


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