Tempeh Kabobs

  • August 8, 2013
  • Beth May
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I recently came across this article in Southern living and decided to try the kabobs with tempeh.  I boiled the tempeh in broth first.  I like to boil a few pounds at a time and freeze so that they are ready for whatever.  Boiling increases the moisture so that they can dry out a little on the grill and still have a meaty texture.  I increased the oil to 4 T.  A pound of tempeh is larger in volume than a pound of chicken and the oil really helps it delvelop a crust.  I also grilled them till they looked good and then turned the grill off and let them sit for the veggies to fishish cooking.  The White BBQ sause was a great topper.  It really elevated the flavor and I made mine with Veganaise.  This is a keeper meal for me! I even made rice rolls with the leftovers!

Southern LIving Recipe Here

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