Tempeh & Sauce

There's just something great about sauce and tempeh together.  The tempeh really mellows the sauce and the sauce accents the nutty flavors of the tempeh.

These were tempeh meatball patties that lost structural integrity.  Basically, I made a meatball with steamed grated tempeh.  I tried something different this time, rosemary and thyme and feta with eggs and breadcrumbs.  But you should make a meatball that you like!  I fried them in some olive oil and then tossed them in a sauce and served it with noodles.

I had a lot of mixture left over from the meatballs and formed some patties that I fried and then tossed jarred sauce on top of and simmered before serving with garlic bread and a salad.  Yum!  The leftovers were pretty mashed up so I mixed the whole thing up good and served it over garlic bread.  The picture is the leftovers on garlic bread.  Magical!