Oven Roasted Tempeh

Oven roasting is going to work well if the tempeh has some moisture added before roasting and you use some oil for roasting.  

Moisture is added with either a marinade or a brine containing some salt and something a little sweet.  

Tempeh pairs particularly well with sweet potatoes and onions, pepper and tomoatoes.  

You can cook them all together in one pan.  

Serve with a salad and carbohydrate of your choosing.

Leftovers are amazing and can go in handpies, tamales, quiches, soups and stews.



Basic Brine

2 cups water

1/4c brown sugar

3T salt

Brine or marinade up to a day ahead.  Toss with 2-3 T oil and place on a cookie sheet.  Add other vegetables. Oven Roast at 375 for up to 30-40 min.